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Ceramic Tile Restoration in Tenbury Wells / Tile Cleaning and Polishing in Tenbury Wells

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First Cleaning are the experts in stone and tile care and grout restoration in Tenbury Wells. We have an extensive range of treatments to ensure we can restore virtually any kind of damage or deterioration, including staining, etching, dullness, scratches, fading and wear marks. We can treat stone and tile in any location: floors, walls, features, on both internal and exterior surfaces, in domestic and commercial environments. Anyone who has ceramic tiles is probably experiencing care and appearance problems. First Cleaning in Tenbury Wells has a proven track record of being able to fix stone and tile problems that no-one else can. Whatever your stone or tile problem, chances are we can fix it. Our highly skilled technicians are backed by a technical management team who can analyse problems, test and prove results, and provide detailed written quotations for all types of work. After restoration, it is essential to have a system of care that allows you to keep your tile floor's appearance clean and optimal.

After cleaning and polishing your tiles we highly recommend that you seal them. When treated properly, your ceramic floor will be hard wearing, warm, stain resistant and extremely easy to maintain.

If you have just placed new terracotta tiles on your floor, it makes it very ease for us to seal it, so you can enjoy your new flooring for very long time.

If however you need to restore your old terracotta flooring the old finish will be properly stripped first before using an adequate product to seal it.

First Cleaning teams in Tenbury Wells will have to determine previous products used to treat the tiles in order to choose the proper solution to remove them. In most cases, we will be able to chemically remove your existing floor finish and treat any staining and marks that will have occurred due to the ineffectiveness of your floor seal. The dissolved seal and dirt will collect in machinery that scrubs, dries and vacuums the terracotta tiles.

After this First Cleaning staff in Tenbury Wells will allow a sufficient drying time, before applying 2-3 coats of specialist terracotta floor tile seal.

 Quarry tiles are quite similar to terracotta tiles however they are thinner but less porous.

Subject of years of foot traffic the tiles might be covered with stains, ground grime and dirt. Our techniques in restoring your quarry floor will in general follow those described under terracotta above. Once again we will endeavour to remove all surface contaminates prior to resealing the quarry tiles. The types of floor seal used will depend upon the tiles' porosity and on whether or not there is an under floor damp course installed. Our experts in Tenbury Wells will examine the tiles and, First Cleaning can put together a customised programme for their regular restoration, seal and maintenance.The application of the wrong type of floor seal can cause problems in the future.

Our Professionals are Insured and Trained for: Tile Cleaning, Tile Polishing & Tile Restoration in Tenbury Wells

First Cleaning in Tenbury Wells has managed to restore and revive quarry floors that the owners thought impossible.

First Cleaning in Tenbury Wells are fully licensed and insured so you won't have to worry at all.
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