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Handyman Services in Hampton

 First Handyman in Hampton assist landlords, tenants, homeowners, businesses

Electrical repairs or maintenance in Hampton

We are happy to deal with most minor electrical repair jobs – changing lights bulbs, transformers, switches, sockets, running cable, replacing light fittings, extractor fans, fitting door bells etc. We are available for all general electrical jobs. We offer our customers unrivalled electrical services and the surrounding areas. All work carried out to a guaranteed high level. Our teams can provide an excellent customer service and give you the best quality of work.

Decorators in Hampton

We provide a number of services including external painting of walls, windows and doors. Internal painting, wallpaper hanging and decorating. First Handyman teams of reliable professionals who can give you the best quality of work and provide an excellent customer service.

Plumber in Hampton

Our locally based plumbers are able to help with any plumbing problem you have or plumbing and heating service you require. We specialise in all types of plumbing services from burst pipe and leak repair, to complete heating system installations. With many satisfied customers First Handyman offers a first class service.  As a professional company we aim to keep improving our services.

Odd Jobs in Hampton

We provide a high quality, competitive and reliable Professional Handyman service. We work with both domestic and commercial clients carrying out anything from minor repairs to redecorating properties. With the latest equipment on hand our professional teams giving you the best quality of work and full customer satisfaction. Whatever your minor repair requirement, please give us a call on one of the numbers below and we will be delighted to assist you.

Home Repair Services in Hampton

We manage many properties on behalf of our clients and have completely refurbished their properties to give them a valuable assets in today’s highly competitive rental market where tenants have a vast number of properties to choose from.We have successfully repaired and restored many damaged properties, from water damage, storm damage even fire damage. We can deal with all your needs, from emergency electrical supplies to water problems right through to the completion of your claim. If you need fitting, repairing or fixing, simply call us.

Business Repair Services in Hampton

We deal with everything from obtaining quotes and dealing with the full process of your insurance claim and dealing with all trades necessary to complete your insurance work. We provide regular visit for routine maintenance of your business facilities. Our Handyman are fully trained to work in a commercial environment and to apply safe working place. For further details please give us a call us.

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Repair Service for Landlords in Hampton

Safe, reliable handyman service for your entire ~To Do~ list is just one call away. That's why local residents choose our professional handymen, who specialise in ALL major and minor home repairs over an independent handyman From Light fitting ,change lochs to dripping taps our reliable teams provide an excellent customer service.

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