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As experienced Trauma Scene Cleaners, First Cleaning teams in Dagenham RM8 are fully-trained with proven expertise in remedying almost any situation that may arise. Most property owners lack the knowledge and equipment to safely and permanently clean up and decontaminate the scene. Our discretion, attention to detail and highly specialised remediation methods ensure that your property or premises will be restored to its original condition, and safely useable within the shortest possible time. We apply well-documented clean-up procedures, from the initial assessment of the trauma scene, to its decontamination and remediation, including the tools and equipment used. Trauma scenes frequently contain biological infectious waste including blood and/or body fluids, viral pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B, bacterial pathogens, or hazardous chemicals including chemicals connected to illegal drug (Meth) labs. We are discreet, scrupulous and apply highly specialised remediation methods to ensure that within a short time your premises will look the way they did originally and will be once again safe to dwell.

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